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& Membership Design

Your ALL-IN-ONE design professionals!
 We create the custom designed pages, copy, & EVERYTHING you need to successfully LAUNCH your content to the world!

Get your course or membership platform up and running in just three simple steps!

Book Your Initial Consult Session

Begin the process on the right foot so we can remain on the same page throughout. This session will ensure that we are the right match for you and your project. We will support you during the first steps of getting your digital content from the idea and conception stage to something you can share and monetize.

Send Us The Information And We’ll Create The Design Elements

During this stage, you will send us everything we need so that we can get started on the completion of your project. We will take everything you have shared with us to begin building your pages in the New Zenler website, funnel, course & membership hosting platform.
(If you prefer a different platform please let us know during your initial session call)

Discover Next Steps & Get Support For Launching

Now that you've reviewed everything and the project is complete, it's time to book your Next Steps Session. During this time, we will go over everything with you to ensure you can confidently make your way around your new shiny digital content hosting platform. We will then give you access to our client only training video library so you can be confident in making minor changes along the way!

Not sure if this is what you need?
Book a consult session to tell us your unique situation and we’ll take care of the rest! 

Why Choose To Work With Geeky Monkey Designs?

Here at Geeky Monkey Designs, our first priority is ensuring you have what you need to start selling right away. We understand how frustrating it can be when you get a website, funnel, course or membership up only to put it out there and all you hear is CRICKETS! We do things differently. After working with many people, we realized that the questions were always the same.

 Do you do the copy? Can you package multiple services for me?

So that got us thinking… what if we could make it easier for people to monetize by providing them with a truly customized experience where they could create packages that would not only ensure they had a design that was AMAZING but also helped them with the copy and first steps in launching their offer?  

Here's How We Can Help

Choose a stand alone service or combine any of the following into a custom package

  • Course or membership platform design
  • Website design 
  • Funnel/Lead Magnet design
  • Conversion focused copywriting for sales & site pages
  • Email sequence copy
  • Existing copy revision/refresh
  • Customized VIP consultation sessions
  • Complete launch planning
  • Plus other design services

Don't see what you need?
Book a consult session to speak about your unique situation! 

***Special pricing for multi service packages***

How do we get started?

Book Your Initial Consult Session

In your initial consult session we will get to know you, your business, your audience. By the end of it, we will understand what you are working on and where you want to take your business. This will help us ensure we give you the best support during the next steps.

Prepare What We Need

Next, we request the content that we need to get started. We will help you book your copywriting consult session and walk you step-by-step through the process of getting your content ready for sales. Once your project pieces are complete, they will be sent to you for review.

Book Your Next Steps Session

On completion of your project, we will help you book your Next Steps Session. During this time, we will show you around your new site and answer any questions you have. Following this, we will send you an invite to our client only portal for support in making minor changes in the future.

Get Started Today! Don't Put Off LAUNCHING Any Longer!

Not sure if this is what you need? Looking for a smaller package? Need other design services?
Book a consult session to tell us your unique situation and we’ll take care of the rest!

Thank you!  You truly are one of a kind and working with you has been a true blessing.